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Medina supervises work on the tourist highway in Puerto Plata

President Danilo Medina supervised the progress in the construction of highways Turística Gregorio Luperón y Navarrete-Puerto Plata during the Surprise Visit program which is registered with the number 267.

The works are part of the modern, safe and efficient road circuit built in the last seven years to guarantee safety and economic and social well-being.

With the delivery of both highways, Navarrete-Puerto Plata and Turística Gregorio Luperón, which connects the province with Santiago, a desire that the various business sectors have had for more than 20 years will be fulfilled , community and transportation.

With it, productive activities will be energized, especially tourism and agriculture, and will add value to properties in the area, according to a statement from the presidency.

Medina made a first stop on the Navarrete - Puerto Plata highway and spoke with the engineers responsible for the work.

He verified that the construction of the highway, with a length of 46.8 kilometers, is progressing according to the established schedule, as it is 85% complete. The critical points were evaluated and redesigned.

So far, the following works have been carried out: cleaning, clearing and deforestation; placement of filling material, base and sub-base; construction of median and lateral ditches; sidewalks, curbs, sinks; asphalt folder; horizontal signage; and railing placement.

The first section of the Navarrete-Puerto Plata highway is contracted by ECOCISA. It is 23.8 kilometers long and begins at the Navarrete roundabout and ends at Llano de Pérez.

HORMICONDO is the contractor for the second section of the Navarrete-Puerto Plata highway, which begins in Llano de Pérez and ends in Las Avispas. There are 7 kilometers that are already 100% complete.

Contractor company MAR is the contracting company for section III of the highway. It has a length of 16 kilometers. It begins in Las Avispas and ends at the entrance of Puerto Plata. It is 85% complete. It is already on the base and ready to be paved.

The Cofresí exit will also have a solution with the work being done on this road.  

Some sections have been built entirely new.

During the Surprise Visit, the Head of State expressed his desire to deliver the work next December.

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